Our Promise


-Sincere Farmer for the Liquid Gold

Agarwood possesses highly beneficial therapeutic / pharmaceutical properties and unique pleasant fragrance rendering it to become one of the most expensive natural oils in the world. It is so expensive that the agarwood oil is measured in Tola, the same measuring unit for gold (1 Tola = 11.3 grams).


Our Company is a subsidiary of AYUGA AGARWOOD HITEC PLANTATION SDN. BHD., a company which owns the world’s largest agarwood plantation consisting of 1 million trees in a contiguous 1,100-acre land in Malaysia.


All the agarwood materials used by our company were supplied by our parent company AYUGA AGARWOOD HITEC PLANTATION SDN. BHD. Ayuga Agarwood plantation is LEGALLY ESTABLISHED, practicing SOUND AND SUSTAINABLE management based on latest SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES. Every drop of agarwood oil produced by us is highly standardized with authentic scent that you might miss wherever you go. By using a direct-to-consumer model, we are able to deliver the precious agarwood to your hand by skipping the middleman markup and make your agarwood journey a more affordable one.



Our Promise- Consistent Premium Grade Oil

  • We use only agarwood trees from our own plantation, which are maintained in very uniform and nutrient-rich healthy vigorous condition.

  • We produce GRADE A+ premium oil with sesquiterpene and sesquiterpenoid content of more than 80%.

  • We have stringent QUALITY CONTROL by our well-equipped laboratory, producing every drop equally, with equally care and efforts.

  • We can maintain consistently high quality because we use only our own well-maintained trees. We do not use trees from other small farms as different farms have different standards of maintenance and different methods of inoculation rendering it difficult to have a consistent quality.


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