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Akeelah was founded with the vision to become the world’s leading purveyor of premium grade Agarwood oil, also known as OUD. We bridge age-old wisdom with research-driven innovations to bring this healing art form through the world’s most valuable and sought-after plant oil -- Agarwood. It is our dream to share this exquisite experience of true Agarwood with the modern world.

We are pioneering what no one in the world has ever done: From growing and nurturing our own trees, to developing our own state-of-the-art extraction methods and spearheading new scientific research, to developing highly-innovative Agarwood products in never-seen-before ways.

As a single-source grower and producer, this traceability sets us worlds apart from anyone else. You will never need to doubt the authenticity, consistency and quality of our high-grade Agarwood products.



Don't just pay attention to brand names or signs of luxury. Look for a product's performance and design. In reality, what really counts is quality.




We focus on the development of high-tech processes that improve on traditional, and even the best extraction technology available. This allows us to enhance existing known methods to produce highly-consistent and even higher-grade Agarwood oil, and further reducing irregularity and defects common with older methods.




Our family of growers nurtures each and every one of our Agarwood trees with individualised care on our 1000 acre farm, the largest in the world. We have perfected our planting techniques to ensure that each tree achieves optimum health and value.




While Agarwood oil can be enjoyed in its purest form, innovation is in our lifeline to create newer ways to experience the full benefits of Agarwood. Whether as a personal scent or meditation aid, or as a form of wellbeing or healthcare support, we want to personalise your Agarwood experience in the ways that suits your exact lifestyle and needs.



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